CCP has always encouraged our patients to seek care with your primary care provider and/or ‘call us first’ before going to an Urgent Care Center or the ER. This is so your provider can determine whether you should be seen in the office, via telemedicine, or directed to an after-hours urgent care or to the emergency room.

We see a significant number of sick patients going to the emergency room unnecessarily – including for respiratory illnesses, UTIs, headache, and the like. This is costly to you, our patients, and the entire healthcare system.

To provide our patients better access to less costly care, Community Care Physicians (CCP) opened CCP Express in Clifton Park. CCP Express provides urgent care services but is meant to function as an extension of your primary care office. It’s open evenings and weekends, when your doctor’s office is usually closed. It’s located in the Clifton Park Health Park on Route 9, where many CCP offices are co-located or nearby. Furthermore, CCP Express offers our current patients significant unique benefits since we are your medical home – we know you and we have access to your electronic medical records already.

The CCP Express team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and caring professionals all focused on providing immediate care for patients three months of age and older.

If you are sick or need same day care...

First call your primary care doctor to see if you can be seen or if you should visit CCP Express, unless it’s a life threatening emergency, in which case dial 9-1-1.

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